Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The best way to start a day....

Clearly with your favourite beverage and a guilty pleasure!
Make mine a mocha with a pan au chocolat....and i will return the favour with a smile!

I have been in an annoying good mood today and that was definitely the chocolate talking!

So today, I had work and I'm usually pretty casual there. I always like to look nice, with lots of colour but at work i often opt for flats and jeans, as you can see....

                                  Pumps- Ed hardy's bought it New York
                                  Bag- M&S
                                  Mac- Tesco
                                  Jeans- Guess (bought second hand)
                                  Jumper- Next                  

After work and and my Beau went for a started off miserable and by the time we had both finished work the sun was about to set and it was can see I'm squinting, but i feel weird wearing shades when its not bright sunlight!

I also look pretty awkward! There were tourists watching me having my picture taken so it was a tad cringy!!

Every picture tells a story, eh?

I mentioned yesterday I went to wedding last weekend and I shall post picture's of my outfit tomorrow when I have a little more time!

Most wanted!

As you may have heard, we have a royal wedding here in the U.K in less than a month...

Its a huge deal here, with the day being a made a bank holiday (yay no work!) and partys in parks and pubs everywhere...
Its a perfect for your local neighbourhood to pull together, have a few beers and celebrate the love of a girl of humble heritage and the future king....What a fairytale!

What does this have to do with fashion....WELL....

What is more patriotic, more fabulous?
Sadly, due to 2 major birthdays (and party's), a mother's day and a possible weekend away (as well as the royal wedding), I don't think my funds will allow.

I found this little beauty last time my mum and I went shopping and she demanded I tried it on...I LOVE IT!

Its from Traffic people and costs around £70...
Which, isn't much at all...
If you don't shop like I do!!

Today in music

Day 7- A song that reminds you of a certain event...

Its old school (for me, anyway).  As a little girl, I was a huge fan of the spice girls! I know i'm not alone there... When 5 became 4, the girls released 'goodbye'...which is a really good song (cheesy but i have really-teeth grittingly awful taste-)!!

I even went to see their reunion tour just a few years ago, which i enjoyed a little too much!

When my best friend went away to university, I threw her a little party and after reminiscing and cake, we played this song to her. And we all cried. Because it was her last night at home, and our last night as life as we knew it!

After she left, I got a flat of my own in the city i now live in and a year later our two other friends also moved!

Now we all live in separate places, but they say the heart grows fonder with absence! Couldn't be more true....

Now I'm off to watch 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (my favourite) with my beau (my second favourite?) and eat some lovely food! 


Girl about Town XxX

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