Monday, 21 March 2011

Girl about the countryside....

                                            Hello Spring!!

Yesterday, myself and Mr. about town went for a sunday walk on the first warm day this year.
I'm not much of a country girl, but i made an exeption on such a beautiful day. We walked along
the canal and whilst we were taking these pictures, a barge paddled past blasting the beatles. It was
so English, so Idylic. We get alot of tourist's in our city, but they missed out on one of the most authentic

Mr. about town also bought me some daffodils, which is a defiante must in spring!

Now to open up my windows, put The kinks, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles for a much needed spring clean!

Loafers- Primark 
Brown skinny's- TKMaxx
Polka dot bag-Ted Baker
Silk top-Monsoon
Cream Mac- Tesco
Retro scalf- My Grandma's.
Earings- Coco
Ring- From a market stall in switzerland.
braclet- Acsessorise ( a gift from my mum)

(sorry about the creases!)
                                                       Today's most wanted!
 A couple of day's ago, Mr. about town and I were queing for pasties ( a regular treat!) when, whist being served, a teenage girl sitting behind us clicked her fingers at the guy serving us ( who by the way, was the only guy working at lunchtime a had a long line of people to assist) and sulked when he didn't drop anything to serve her. I know it doesn't sound like a huge deal, but this girl was your typical spoiled brat. She wasn't even spending her own money and In a pasty shop, you dont click your fingers! I wouldn't do that in the ritz. It was so belittling to the guy working and I really felt for him. I turned and looked at her and she complained loudly to her equally young boyfriend. They were kids and they treat a grown man like that. They had no respect and thought that a Two pounds would buy them silver service!
I stared at her in disbelief and after a while she realised I was staring and I think she felt a little embarresed. Rightly so.
Today, my most wanted is that people get some manners! Just be nice....A smile can brighten up someones bad day and being a pain in the but can make a good day bad.
Whilst I saw that spoilt young girl throwing her toys out the pram, all I could think of was Japan. All those people have died, been hurt, lost family, lost everything. The trama they have been through, and that people all over the world expirence everyday, is unimaginable. I can't stress enough how i feel for them, and i know no one effected.
It was also Red Nose day on Friday, and I thank my lucky stars for my life. The thing's people in Africa die of are preventable and cureable for a matter of pounds.
Maybe that girl should watch the humbling footage I did and stop getting cross about the most rediculous things.

Be nice guys, we all have problems but we don't realise how lucky we all are.
And for the people around you who are having a tough day, smile at them.          

Today in music.

Day three- a song that makes you happy.

Oasis- Importance of being Idle.

Oasis are a big favourite band of mine. They are a brit-pop band (incase you've been living under a shell the last 15 years!) and made it big in the 90's. My mum was pretty obsessed with their first album and so I grew up dancing to these songs, later listening to them with my friends and playing them at my own party's.

They have now broken up, which is a real shame because of their diversity from one decade to another. The Importance of being Idle is one of their newer songs (2005), and I love the tune of it.
Oasis are from manchester and my family live just outside of there, so there is something very comferting and familiar in their accents and lyrics. They play on the working class upbringing, which is the same as my family's background and the video has terriced houses which my father was born and grew up in.

If you are Northern, you are  proud. I am even though I have never lived there. Its my heritage and my family.
which, is probubly why i love this band so much. Enjoy!

Girl about Town xXx

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