Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Oh la la.

Outfit of the day.
I feel a little french today. Its a little sunny, but windy and chilly!
I cannot wait for summer…..although spring will do for now!
I love this outfit. Its a mix match of second hand designer and supermarket clothes.
It’s maybe not the most practical outfit for shopping (I have a wedding to go to at the end of the month and need a dress) but I saw the skirt a couple of days ago and reaslised i have’t wore it in ages!
Shirt- T.M lewin, bought at an outlet, (£12)
Boots- Duo (I have a HUGE problem buying boots! small feet, big calfs! worth every penny) (£195)
Skirt- a chairty shop find, originally united colours of Benton (£8)
Cashmere polo- Tesco (£15 give or take)
beret- monsoon outlet (£3)
Girl about town xxxx 

Today's most wanted.

Bow’s on my toe’s!
I have just bought a pair of kitten sling backs, with bows on the toes! Its not my first pair of bow shoe’s and it certainly won’t be my last!
I’m a girly girl and I cannot think of a nicer outfit for spring summer than a beautiful dress and bow shoes!
There is something very classic about them and they can jazz up an otherwise boring outfit!
My favourite pair of bow flat’s last summer, Kurt geiger. 
I lived in them, even in the rain. 
I got them in the sale, of course…..

Now to find a bow bag!……
Today in music.
Day two. My least favourite song…

I really don’t like ke$ha’s music! Its nothing personal. I love her style and her music video’s are always very entertaining! Her tunes are catchy and I can see why she’s popular.
But i’m a lover of lyrics and with lyrics like “bla, bla bla”, I can’t say I’m a huge fan…Sorry!

Ke$ha-Take it off.

     Girl about town xxx

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