Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Old favourites!

Woah, have I had a busy weekend!
We went to a lovely family wedding on Saturday which, despite a long journey was totally worth it, even if we felt a little delicate on the way back!!
On Friday, we had to pack and I discovered some old clothes which I almost forgot I had! I love these and always get compliments on the top, which I got in a bargain box in NEXT for just Five pounds...
I do love my bargains....
We also had to get the finishing touches for our wedding gift which was a beautiful photograph of my grandparents on their wedding day. Neither of them are longer with us and are very missed so it was an emotional day, especially when i presented the picture. It was a wonderful weekend, with all of my family. We are all so close and it rare to get us altogether so I was very excited on Friday! The silk blouse reflects that I feel!!

Jeans-White stuff
Cowboy boots-Peacocks
Belt-Dorothy Perkins.

                    Most wanted!

I know I can't stop talking about spring, but i'm just so thankful for the weather at the moment. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for a bit of warmer weather, so I can get all my summer clothes out of storage!
I have ALOT of clothes and still haven't gotten myself a big enough wardrobe yet so I have to keep them stored away so I have space to walk on...
So what I would really like at the moment is a wardrobe! Now if I could i would have Carrie from sex and the city's 'heaven on fifth' wardrobe (me and the rest of the female race!).
But i'm happy to settle for a few rails and shelves. Its so hard to decided on a wardrobe as the bedroom hasn't been decorated yet and we are not too sure how we would both like it. I'm defiantly wanting green and a little gold theme, and I have a beautiful dressing table already (which was a present from my Beau for Christmas).

My home style is a mixture of shabby chic and quirky lighting....
Sounds odd, but I love it! I also paint so my pictures are up too!

So, any ideas on the wardrobe?

Today in music.

Day 6- A song that reminds you of somewhere.

Four years ago, I went with my family to Mexico. It was by far the best holiday we have been on as a family. The weather was truly fantastic. The food was delicious and the people we just so kind. I love Mexico!
So much culture and we were treated so well!
I spent alot of time taking walks from one side of the campus we were staying on to another (I email ALOT and the computer was about a mile from my flat) with my Ipod and listening to the eagles alot.
Hotel California describes a woman that at the time i thought was everything I wanted to be. She sounded fearless, Beautiful and wonderfully tragic. I think I just wanted someone to write about me like that in all honestly, but the older I've got, the more I am happy in my own skin. I am very happy just to be myself and I'm defiantly not the girl in that song!
I suppose two weeks of tequillia induced eagles songs can do that to a girl!


Girl about Town XxX


  1. Hey girl! About town! You are so right about the silk blouse and I covet your cowboy boots HARD. Welcome to the blogosphere. I think you'll like it there :)

  2. Love the blouse!

    Following you from Portugal*