Thursday, 24 March 2011

Take a bow....

I put this outfit together because I love the colours together. This time of year is so hard to dress for...Its about light layers and chic colours. I feel the cold much more than I used to, so there is no way I'm getting any of my sandles out yet, as much as i'd like to!
The middle ground is rolled up jeans, pumps, t-shirt and a cardigan paired with a Mac to keep me a little warmer when i go outside.
At the moment, we are having beautiful weather, not a cloud in the sky!
I can't say entirely happy with these pictures today though, they are pretty boring so I'll work on that....

            Patent Pumps- Gap.
            Black skinny jeans - H&M
            Striped t-shirt-topshop
            Cardigan- Darling.  

                                                    They are growing....        

                                            Most wanted....

For years now, I have always loved Missoni. I'm a huge lover of knit wear anyway, but I started noticing Missoni more than other designers. Its so much more distinctive than most fashion houses (with Pucci and Chanel the exceptions). A couple of years ago, I saw a lady in a bar wearing missoni. I hadn't seen it in the flesh before (I grew up in a very small town!) and I promised myself, one day I would own my own Missoni piece.
There are little goals I set for myself, for the future. I remember when I first moved to this beautiful city and I lived in a mouldy building that was literally falling apart, I would walk down a street which I loved and tell myself, one day I will live there. Some how.
I moved to that street in December.
So, I believe if you want something, you can get it. I WANT MISSONI!

I was in one of my favourite vintage shops last October and I saw a scarf which was missoni. After mentioning it to my brother, he offered to get it for me for Christmas, so we nipped up to get to and it wasn't actually missoni, just a very good replica. Such a shame! But some things are defiantly worth waiting for. And I know it will mean more to me if i save for it and work really hard (or that's what I'm telling myself!)

                                                        Today in music

Day 5- A song that reminds you of someone..

If i have ever come across a perfect description of a person in the form of a song, this would be it!
Mr about town was the first thing that came to mind when I heard it! I took out my head phones and made him listen.
He fully agree's with me!
I had to have the Juno soundtrack after seeing the film (which is still a firm favourite in our house) and we listen to it all the time.
The song is about a hard working, disciplined and kind man (or i think so anyway) and that's exactly who Mr. about town is. I could go on and on about how perfect he is, but instead, listen to this song.


Girl about Town XxX

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