Tuesday, 22 March 2011

True Blue....

So today was my long over due spring clean! Its best to get these things over and done with and I have a busy week ahead of me so Monday was the best day to do it!

This outfit reminds me so much of how my grandma used to dress to clean around the house ( yes, she had actually clothes just for the home) and I can see why she liked it so much!

It was also an effortless outfit transition for when I had to pop out to run some errands. Just slip on jeans, a cardi and some cowboy boots and its a whole new look!

I have to admit I spent the morning listening to classic 80's Madonna songs so you can see where the inspiration for the outfit and title came from!!

And, my dafolills are beautiful already!

Tunic-la radoute via a charity shop
flip flops and cowboy boots-peacocks
Cardigan and bag-Marks and spensers 

                                                           Today's most wanted!

I guess its still wanted, even if you have it? Flares. I dug out an old pair of mine recently and remembered how much i loved them! Its been so long that i am sorry to say they are a little tight!
Flare's are a style i have wore my entire life, but in very different ways. When i was a child it was in a fun, colourful way; i had a pair of beneton yellow cords. I loved them. The sound awful but during my spice girl faze with the denim platforms and jelly heeled sandles (soooo wrong), i felt truly amazing!
And so another fashion victim was born.....

And i remember briefly going through a seventies obsession when I was around 10. Tie dye (or is that 60's?) flares and cheese cloth were my only outfit!I LOVED being a hippy.

Then around the time I was 12 or 13 I liked to dress 'grungy' (the only time in my life I cannot share pictures from)......it was pretty bad! Slogan t-shirts and dark denim flares as well as skate trainers. Soooo not me...

Now, its mainly a seventies thing again! I always liked vintage clothes, they were unique and had a story. Before the grandma moved into residentual care, she still had all my mum's clothes from the seventies and she was a good dresser. Afgan coats, flares, platforms she had it!
Both of us really regret not bagging all of the clothes as the all came back into fashion!

Today in music

Day four-a song that makes you sad.

In all honestly, a lot of songs make me sad! I cry at everything so even if its just a really lovely song, i'd shed a tear or two! But a song that will always make me cry is pretty sad. When I was around 11 or 12, my dad had a very serious heart condition and I wasn't fully aware that it was life thretening. My mum and I were having an argument in the car one day and i really remember she saying (in the heat of the moment) that he could die. After that it all went silent and yellow came on the radio. It was like something out of a film. We stopped the car and cried. It sounds weird but I just kept thinking how he may never be a grandfather and realised how much I loved and needed him.
Luckily, my dad has fully recovered and (finger's crossed) he will be the grumpy old man he is destined to be!
But this song has always made me very emotional ever since. As sad as it is, its a truely beautful song, sung straight from the heart. 


Coldplay- yellow.


                                                          Girl about Town XxXx

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  1. i just got a pair of wide leg jeans that fit perfect for only $3 at a thrift store. they make our legs look a mile long.

    thanks for the comment.