Monday, 14 March 2011

Under my umbrella (ella, ella)!

Outfit of the Day

So its my first entry and its raining….and on a raining spring day, 
a vibrant colour makes me look and feel much happier.
Red is one of my favourite colours and a mulberry bag always makes me feel great!
Boots-Store 21.
Black skinny's-Ted Baker.
Black square cardigan -originally Karen Millen (but from a charity shop)
Red scarf- Ted Baker.
Umbrella-borrowed from my mother.
Coat-Peacocks, customised myself.

Girl about town xxxx
Today's Most wanted!
The bride wore Chanel
Having recently read about singer/turned designer Lily Allen deciding to wear chanel on her big day…I have to admit, I’m emerald green with envy! 
What i wouldn’t do for a Coco Chanel anything! But a wedding dress? That really would be the best day of my life!
My favourite wedding dresses are knee length. Coco Chanel introduced them in the 1920’s, but they are just as chic today as the were then! 
feast your eye’s on some coco inspired modern styles…. 

Today In music
My first playlist…..
I stumbled across this today. I love doing things like this, its a perfect way to dig up old music you haven’t heard in years or that take you back to THAT summer…
and I can’t think of a better way to start my blog off! 
Day one. My favourite song…
Its a tough one… 
I feel it should be a classic and many favourites come and go. But this one will always be the song I danced to as a child, reminds me of my oldest and dearest friends. 
The song itself is so sweet, so genuine.
Its the kind of song you hear and think, “i have that”. Those who don’t, without a doubt, think “i want that”.
Queen have always been one of my favourite bands, I have listened to them all of my life, though ups and downs, on the dance floor or first thing on a monday morning. 
Queen- You’re my best friend.

Enjoy.... Girl about Town xxx

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