Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rag bag.....

The best thing about travelling, has to be the shopping....
I LOVE this bag. I found it a couple of years ago in a souk in Marrakesh, Morocco.
I had wanted to go for as long as I remember and it lived up to its reputation.
Colourful, vibrant and very cultured. And the food.......mmmmm.

So when I feel like an outfit (or I) need cheering up, I dig out my rag bag. Its so unusual and I just had to have it, even if I had to really haggle.

The beaded long shrug was a gift from Mr. about town for a past birthday, when we had just met!

Sorry for my absence the last week, I have had deadlines to hit and everything suffered a little bit whilst I concentrated on that. But I feel the sacrifice was worth it, as it may change my life for the better! I'll keep you all updated!!

I apollagise for the lack of photo quality, My mum is no photographer, and doesn't claim to be! Bless...

Boots- Duo
Jeans- Topshop
shrug- Warehouse
t-shirt- Tesco
Necklace- White stuff.
Sunglasses- Ray ban.
Bag- Morroco.

So... on my most wanted!

I want to dance!!!!
I have always liked Jennifer Lopez's music (and I know that is not always a good thing...)
But her new song! 'on the floor' makes me want to dance like a maniac!
Its such a great tune, defiantly a song for the summer!
The last time I went to club, it didn't play the songs I like, but it doesn't usually stop me. I'm a terrible dancer and that's the fun of it!!

I'm all written out today, the deadlines I wrote have crippled my brain. I would not recomend an all nighter, very unhealthy food and unlimited coffee if you want your brain to work...at all!

Today in music....

Day 8- A song you know all the words to...

I think this applies to most of my music collection!
But I feel the song I'm singing the most the moment is Adele - 'Someone like you'
What a wonderful song.
Its very bitter-sweet, but the lyrics are beautiful....
We have all been there, a break up followed by a long absence of communication.
When you hear from someone you used to be in love with it is strange.
I have never heard of any old boyfriends of mine getting married but I do wish them all the best.
It didn't work out with me but they are all good guys and deserve to be happy like I am!

So that's done then! I'll be better after a chicken Caesar salad, a long hot bath, a good film and sleep!

Enjoy, I know I will!

Girl about Town XxX

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