Friday, 6 May 2011


When I first saw this dress, I had to have it. The colour in it is actually very good, the pictures do not do it justice! One of these days, I really will stop buying truck loads of clothes and get myself a decent camera!
So the picture's are not great today, I do apologise. My face is a little suspect and the reason for that is, the fact the sun was breaking through the clouds! The sky was kind of hazy, where you don't need sunglasses but you find yourself squinting regardless!
I have only wore this dress in the winter, with thick black tights and boots and I found myself feeling very self conscious when I left the house to met a friend. It was one of those days when people stare at you and your not sure weather its because you look great or because the dress is a little short!?
But people wear leggings as trousers so surely I can get away with it? 

Enjoy! Girl about Town XxX

                                                 Bag- Mulberry.
                                                 Dress-Dorothy Perkins.
                                                 Leggings-  Primark.
                                                 Sandals- Primark.

Thank you for all your lovely comments by the way! I'm still getting the hang of having a blog, keeping up with it and I still feel awkward having my picture taken but you're all inspiring me and giving me so much confidence!

Thank you so so much!


  1. ooh, absolutely gorgeous. I'm smitten with the pattern and shape of your fabulous dress, and it's SO perfectly paired with the leggings & sandals. I would wear this outfit in a heart-beat. Hope you're having a lovely Friday. xx veronika

  2. I love this dress!!!

  3. thanks ! ;)

    I like this bag ! ;)

  4. such a rad dress.
    love the vintage touch is has!

  5. i love this outfit

  6. love the 70s's vibe... and cute bag!
    thanks for following my blog, it means a lot.. I'll keep in touch.. stay cool!

  7. this is one lovely look,that DP dress is so beautiful!!!!:)) i wanted to thank u for commenting on my blog and especially for following me,i'm doing the same now!!:)) hope u'll come back soon and hope we'll stay in touch!:)

  8. I love the print of the dress!


  9. The print of that dress is amazing. I hope you keep up blogging; It's so much fun, it really is. My friend and I share a style blog that we started in August, and we're really hoping to continue it forever.