Thursday, 5 May 2011

Creature comforts....

Sometimes, you just want to be take it easy.

The last couple of weeks I've spent stuffing my face and I'm now feeling it!!
I actually have a 'food bump'. Tomorrow, i'm hitting the gym!
Due to the over indulgence, I just want to wear something casual, classic and comfortable.


I choose my linen trousers that i have had forever. I wore these baby's for about two summers in a row
then safely tucked them away when I last moved house and only discovered them recently!

Bag- Peacocks.
Cardigan- M&S.
Top- GAP.
Linen trousers- Monsoon.
Flip flops- Market in Spain.

They are the best thing to wear when you have stuffed your face, I truly believe they prevent the ass jiggle!!

As for the cardigan, you may have seen it before, its a firm favourite! Such a nice colour and its so soft!

The flip flops were bought on a weekend trip to Spain with my best friends. I bought them just to wear then and there as I had broken the only shoes I took...they turned to be a great buy in the end!

Every outfit tells a story eh?

Today is my little brother's birthday! Judging from the all the beer he polished off last night, when we went out to dinner, I think he's probably feeling a little delicate!! 

Girl about Town XxX


  1. This blue cardi is amazing! And you are so beautiful, I love your hairstyle. Btw thank you for your beautiful comment :-) I am happy to follow!

  2. That cardigan has such a great colour!! Something I would buy without hesitation!

  3. i love your cardigan! very pretty

  4. Love this casual outfit. Especially the cardi! Sometimes you just need a comfy day.

    xo Ashley

  5. I adore your cardigan, really beautiful! Thanks for your sweet comment girl, you have a lovely style, a bit similar to mine, following you :)

    Alicia Mi Mundo