Monday, 14 November 2011

Happy Monday!

Let me let you into a little secret...I've been SERIOUSLY shopping lately. I can't seem to say no to anything chunky knit or cosy....
But my logic is, the warmer and cosier I am, the least likely I am to catch the flu...Right?

Headband- Elisabeth Dahl.
Scarf- Top-shop.
Jumper- Instant Vintage.
Gilet- Ted baker.
Skirt- Instant Vintage.
Boots- Duo.
Bag- Ted baker.
Arm warmers- Joules.

As much as I love to layer up, sometimes it makes me feel less feminine! So I opted for a frilly skirt and sequin headband...Ideal!

New post coming tomorrow....Stay Tuned!

Girl about Town XxX


  1. You look gorgeous, love that skirt!! I enjoy layering too..happy Monday!! xx

  2. you look so stylish and cosy. Great outfit xx

  3. O_O you are so gorgeous!! Those arm warmers are so cute.

    Aha i completely agree with you, i always feel like a snowman when i wear too many layers >_< !

  4. hey there, thanks for your comment on my little blog :) yes, getting the tattoo did hurt, but I guess that just comes with getting a needle put into your leg repeatedly, hah. but it was worth it in the end, I think! it's especially great since a friend of mine did it who moved back to spain a couple of months ago and I think of her everytime I look at it.

    and I really love your scarf in the pics! I recently knittd one myself which is just huge, love scarfs! have a great week :)

  5. I'm so jealous of you, I haven't been shopping is such a long time, I miss it.
    You look so cool in this outfit.

  6. Oh seriously cute i love the knitted waistcoat - fab outfit x

  7. Love your skirt. Very cute and chic look.

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  8. so sweet!! it´s really nice!!!

  9. feeling comfy is soo important! u look like feel no cold, so stylish!

  10. Love your chunky scarf and those boots! I had my heart set on a great pair of boots and someone nabbed them before me, so I am on the hunt again!

    xo Mary Jo

  11. Wow! Great blog and photos! I love it :) and I love your skirt :)

  12. Loving that outfit! and mmm...I do love sweaters! I was at target yesterday and fell in love with like half of the ones they had XD But I was good and resisted :)

  13. so many fun layers! you look charming. <3

  14. Love your frilly skirt and striped arm warmers - they are very cool! Gorgeous outfit xx

  15. I keep telling myself the same thing! Can't seem to stop shopping for cosy knits either ;) Love your chunky scarf!


  16. I think you look very feminine and adorable! I love all of the layers and especially the skirt.

  17. This is such a cozy outfit. I love the color on the skirt.

  18. thanks for following my blog!!!
    you're bag is beautifull and you look lovely in this outfit!!!

  19. haha..yes you are correct:) This is the best layered outfit I've seen all season...everything about it is perfection..the colors, the textures, your arm warmers! All too adorable for words:)

  20. Wonderful skirt and pretty scarf, great total look hun!!
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    Jelena (

  21. What a great outfit, I love that you're not afraid to mix and match different colours and lengths; I'm quite jealous at your ability to layer so well! Plus you look super warm and cosy :)


  22. Loving your scarf! You have a fabulous blog and I am your newest follower. xo