Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday, I'm in love...

Brrr! It is Freezing here in my part of the world! With the wind bitter and nights even colder, all I want to do is wrap up warm!

So Layers it is! Even better when they are knitted and cosy!

There's nothing like being snug as a bug in a rug!

Have a great weekend darlings! XxX


  1. I agree! There are few things better than being as comfy as can be :) Great pictures. Makes me want to curl up by the fireplace in an oversized knitted sweater.


  2. great inspiration!warm clothes are the best!

  3. Yes, the weather is crazy cold here too, and we have snow too, but I like it :).

  4. So so cozy and cute, LOVE!!

  5. Hey girl about town :-) see that I missed a few posts... Your blog looks great. I love this post about the socks.
    The picture with the feet on the table with the toast is fantastic :-) And fabulous earrings you bought!
    See ya!!! Bisou Anna

  6. this post is so cozy :) i love it!


  7. Love these shots! They're from Hush Clothing no? They have a sample sale on too, so you can go and get the socks for £1! xxx

    South Molton St Style