Monday, 20 February 2012

leopard beret..

Today...Today I am back!

Last week I was absent, due to taking a week off. A week off work, my diet and fitness, as well as my blog.

But I'm back now and looking forward to getting back into the routine of things! Last week I saw old friends, celebrated 4 years with my beloved, had a romantic break in London and went to a 20's party! Its was good fun and lovely to have some much needed time off!

This outfit is from the previous week, taken on the way to work!

Hat- Topshop.
Coat- Peacocks (buttons my own).
Shirt- Tommy Hilfiger.
Dress- Instant Vintage.
Boots- Duo.
Bag- Zara.

Ah well, it was back to work today! Happy Monday everyone!

Girl about Town XxX


  1. Glad you enjoyed your time off! Love the dress and beret!

  2. Very cute outfit! I love the dress and boots!

  3. You look adorable! Love the hat!